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Vicks makes a strong case for transgender rights

A day before yesterday I watched an advertisement. I found it on Facebook from trending topics. The advertisement does not look like it endorsing anything till the end. But, at last, you can see this line “Caring for families for generations” along with the logo of Vicks. The advertisement is like a short film having the length of 3 minutes and 33 seconds.

Vicks – Touch of care

Let me tell you first that, this short film is talking about the right of transgenders in our country, the incredible India. The Indian constitution says that all the people of the India will get same rights regardless of their gender and religion but we all know that it is only on paper. In reality, things are quite different. In our society, transgender people don’t get the same respect as other male and female may have.

This is not only about the behavior of society. Our constitution has some exceptions for them too. Here, Vicks is talking about the rules of adoption for transgender.

As much as we would like to believe that we live in a world that is becoming more and more progressive every day. But the fact remains that society still doesn’t accept many things. And it can be particularly harsh towards specific communities of people. From adopted children to transgender women, we live in a world where there is often a stigma attached to ‘what’ we are, the labels we are stuck with – not who we are as human beings. And hence videos such as this one by Vicks India are not only amazing but also essential. This one tells a beautiful story about Gauri and Gayatri, two people who would be considered ‘outcasts’ by many. it will warm your heart and break it at the same time.

What is the video about?

In the video, there are two characters, a primary school girl Gayatri and a transgender Gauri Sawant. Gauri Sawant is a transgender who is raising orphaned Gayatri as her own. The advertisement is in narrative form. In the video, Gayatri explains the story of “the mother” Gauri Sawant and herself. While this explanation, you will find transgender can have same feelings toward children. Transgender can raise the children too. They can adopt a child and can be parents too. They should have the same respect and same rights as we all male and female have.

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