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Quora is disaster if you don’t have your own brain

Quora is one of my favorite discussion forum for intellectual question-answers and comments. I spend plenty time on Quora when I have nothing to do. Quora always gives me the best answers from various aspects of a single question. But each coin has the another side too. It is an open platform where you do not need to prove your ability about the subject. This is the reason you can unload the garbage from your mind into Quora.

Why is Quora disaster sometime?

First of all, let me explain why I think Quora is not good if you don’t use the filter. Some questions should have factual answers. Philosophical answers don’t work everywhere. I always welcome factual answers for any question. All do. But, some people are just trying to be “Birbal” and they show that they have dirty though process.

Once I was reading random stuff on Quora and I saw a question like this, “Did Lord Krishna eat meat?“. I am religious but I am liberal too so, I don’t mind with such question. But when I started to reading the answer, it makes me little angry on some person who answered it. People who never read a single book of Hinduism were answered the question with wrong details.

In fact, I don’t care even if you prove Lord Krishna eat the meat but what I expect is the factual base. If they would have given some references from any standard book like Mahabharat or Bhagavatam then I would accept the answer. But hell no, one user just explain his answer like a mathematical problem. He thought he can prove Krishna was non-vegetarian without any proper reference.  Check ou what answer he wrote for the question “Did Lord Krishna eat meat?”

For this answer, I said this:

Hell No. Krishna was not a King. He was a just leader of the group of Yadava. I never heard about the coronation of Krishna. Can you show me any book which mentions that Krishna was a King?

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