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Marvel Infinity Stones are Navaratna

Being a Marvel Cinematic Universe you love story of Infinity Stones. But have you even knew that Infinity Stones really exists in Hindu mythology? In the Sanskrit language, they are known as Navaratna.

What are the Navaratnas and Infinity Stones

In the Hinduism, there are nine sacred stones. Each stone represents one star or planet or sometimes satellite like the Moon. Followings are the nine “Ratna” from Hindu culture.

  1. Manek (Ruby) – Ruby is the sign of the Sun
  2. Moti (pearl) – Pearl is the sign of the Moon
  3. Vidruma (Coral) – Coral is represents the Mars
  4. Marakata (Emerald) – EMerald stands for the planet Mercury
  5. Pushparajam (Yellow sapphire) – Emerald stands for the planet Jupiter
  6. Vajra (Diamond) – Diamond is the representative of Venus
  7. Nilam (Blue Sapphire) – Blue sapphire is the sign of Saturn
  8. Gomed (Hessonite) – Hessonite stands for Uranus (Varundeva- The God of rain)
  9. Vaidooryam (Cat’s Eye) – Cat’s Eye is the symbol of Pluto (Ketu – Name of plant of Pluto in Hindu mythology)

In the other hand, we have following infinity stones from Marvel Cinematic Universe stories.

  1. Space gem
  2. Mind gem
  3. Soul gem
  4. Reality gem
  5. Time gem
  6. Power gem

Relation between Navaratna and Infinity Stones

According to storyline of Marvel movies, each stone control respective entity of the unoverse. Navaratna have significant effects on Human life too like Infinity Stones.

Space gem
The space gem allows its user to manipulate space anyway one sees fit. Blue Sapphire is the same gem out of the set of Navaratna.
Mind gem
The blue Mind Gem gives the owner psionic powers like telepathy and telekinesis or can augment the pre-existing mental powers of its user. Vajra or Diamond is the similar Ratna to Mind gem.
Soul Gem
The gem can reveal information by peering into another’s soul or using the ‘Cold Light of Truth’. Is it like Marakata of Navaratna.
Reality gem
Alters all of reality; similar to the effects of a Cosmic Cube, but much, much higher. Which is like Yellow sapphire or Pushparajam from Navaratna set.
Time gem
The time gem allows the user total control over the past, present and future. Vaidooryam is sign of descending order of lunar which show the control over time.
Power gem
The red Power Gem gives the owner access to all power and energy that ever has or will exist, and can back the other gems and boost their effects. Ruby or Manek is the sign of the Sun and the Sun is the source of energy of whole solar system.

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