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India: country of mystery and misery – Chapter – 01

How was the India?

India is the origin of the oldest culture in civilization which still exists with the prosperity and progressive path. Take the example of anything, language, art, science, games, organized judicial system, rituals, science and technology, India was always the first to start digging it or to form it. If we discuss language, Sanskrit is one of the oldest language which has the most organized grammar which is older than 3000 years. Rigveda is the oldest written book mankind ever know. Indian history is full of with warfare techniques which the world have never seen. India has the explanation about the most advanced weapons. Indian universities like Takshashila, Nalanda and Vallabhi had the students from all over the world.

India has the most glorious past than any other country. But that is not enough. Somewhere Indians messed up up the moral values of the culture. It is not the criticism but really we are not as good as our ancestors. We made progress in the infrastructure of educational premises but look at the quality of the education. Do you think we Indians are going well? Look at the Intellectualization around you, Do you think they are getting importance they deserve? Not only the politics, but we all made a small mistake at some level. And such small mistakes get together and created a massive mess up with moral value of India and Indians. I don’t think we are what we supposed to be.

So does India bad now?

No, India is not bad at all. We have good speed toward the progress but the just direction is not proper. I am not saying the direction is wrong. But we forgot the rules which our ancestors followed and made India great. I also don’t want to be sticky with old things but why we don’t renovate the glory of our country?
Well, these all are the questions only. This is the preface of the title “India: The country of mystery and misery“. I will be back with more factual and standard info on each week. Stay tuned if you are interested.

Jai Hind
Bharat Mata ki Jai.

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