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Best search module for PrestaShop

Best search module for PrestaShop
Let me introduce the best PrestaShop module for product searching. This is the most innovative search facility. What does make it the best search module? Have you ever searched something on Google and by mistake you entered wrong spelling? Yes, this happens with us frequently but Google always takes care of our spelling mistakes.

Now, think about the same case with the context of your PrestaShop online shop. Each and every search module available for PrestaShop always takes a piece of string and compare it with and within the name of Products name. But what if the user writes spelling which is not same as you have saved in the database? Your product names are not standard dictionary words. And that is why there is the higher possibility not to get the correct result. But if you will have this Sherlock Search Module, you do not need to worry about losing customers. If you have lots of products in your shop then your customer may have a chance not to get desired products when they search.

Best search module for PrestaShop

Once you will have this module, you can be relaxed about the search for the products. Suppose you have many products and your customer enter any wrong or similar spelling even then Sherlock Search Module will match the entered word with the each part of the name of your each product. I have written a special algorithm to achieve that marvelous feature. Even after this process, you do not need to worry about the speed of search operation. Sherlock Search Module provide you both autocomplete view and search controller page too.
Moreover, Sherlock Search Module allow you to filter products by maximum and minimum price. Price slider is fully dynamic. It will take maximum price which will be the maximum price available in your product catalog only. You can set slider design from the available set of predesigned views according to your theme.
One more thing, search result page use query string to filter the search and hence your customers can bookmark particular search result. Keep in mind that search result is also highly SEO friendly so you can submit your search URL to Goole webmasters too.

This was the introduction of the Sherlock Search Module. Find more specific details about this module on the addon store page at this link

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