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Add Google Chrome omnibox-search support for your site

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Look at the above images. They are showing Omnibox of Chrome browser. When you type any base URL like,, and hit space it will show you something like above screenshots. This will allow you to search within the site without going into the site.

Maybe you would like to have that feature for your website too. Yes, that is possible to implement that feature on your website too. In technical term, it is called Open Search Description and it is really easy to implement it into your site. Here I am going to explain the method when you follow this just replace with your domain name.

To install Open Search Description into your site follow the exacts steps as mentioned below.

  1. Add this link tag to your website:
  2. In above link tag, under href attribute, we said Google Chrome to find opensearch.xml into the root of the website and so now we need to create opensearch.xml file in the root of the website. So create it and paste following code in it.
    In the opensearch.xml file you should take care of each XML tag and especially <Url /> tag which must direct users to your search query string page.
  3. After doing this visit your site will allow your user to search in your website by Omnibox.

That’s all. It is really easy to install it. Isn’t it? If this article is helpful you then leave a comment with your feedback and questions.

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