Prestashop Developer
Vipul Hadiya is an Indian expert Prestahop and Wordpress developer having 4+ years of experience of working with clients of almost 22 countries around the world.
At Konjali
P.O. Box: 364290
Mahuva, Gujarat
DOB: 07/27/1991

About Me

I would like to introduce myself as ‘A skillful programmer’ rather than Vipul Hadiya, always in search of what can be done effective with PHP and jQuery codes to empower Prestashop eCommerce and WordPress CMS. I am happily full time employed with CIDMA as a Prestashop developer but my passion about programming links me with my freelancing account at upWord (formerly oDesk) to produce even more good codes.

If you want any help about PHP,jQuery, Prestahsop and WordPress, i am always ready to help you, just contact me here.

Who am i?

  • A good person (My friends say)
  • A good employee (My boss says)
  • A Skillful programmer (My certificates say)
  • A failed student (My mark sheet say)
  • A responsible person (My family says)
  • I am a programmer (This is what i say)

What i believe?

  • Rules that really matters are these: what a man can do and what he can’t do
  • If you don’t make a choice, choice makes you

What i think?

  • I don’t think, I just face each and every moment with my best performance, whatever it is.
  • Be as simple as you can.
  • You can’t realize how strong you are, until being strong is the only way.


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