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A bad news for The Kapil Sharma’s Show fans

A bad news for The Kapil Sharma's Show fans

Are you a fan of The Kapil Sharma’s know? Yes, if you are reading this then you are. It may be also possible you are not a fan of The Kapil Sharma’s Show but you are a fan of Suni Grower as Dr.Mashoor Gulati.

After Comedy Nights With Kapil, the brand new show with brand new set The Kapil Sharma’s show is entertaining all of us. Before a couple of days, Mr.Kapil Sharma introduced his love interest Ginni Chatrah and it was breaking the internet among his fan followings. Now Mr.Kapil Sharma and Mr.Suni Grover are again in the news but this time reason is little heartbreaking especially for Mr.Sunil Grover aka Dr.Mashoor Gulati fan club.

While returning from Melbourne and Sydney after performing a stage show, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover engaged in a colluctation. It is said by their co-workers, without any known reason Kapil Sharma started to abused Mr.Sunil Grover in the flight. First, they all think Kapil Sharma was making fun of his co-star Sunil Grover but just after that it converted to serious strife. During this strife, Kapil Sharma said Sunil Grover that he is nothing without “The Kapil Sharma’s Show”. He is nothing but Kapil’s servent. In fact, a flight attendant had to come to make them quiet. On a serious note, Kapil Sharma was drunken at that time.

After this event, there is news that Sunil Grover just walked out from The Kapil Sharma’s show as a protest for his self-respect and he will not come back at any cost because this time it is a matter of his self-respect. But, let’s see what is his contract with SONY TV. Let’s see the news is just rumor or truth.

Good luck to the fan club of both, Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. Hope we will get them back united.

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